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Our firm provides outstanding service to our clients because you get attention, competence, and monitoring.


Each one of our clients receives close personal and professional attention.  Many clients have left their former accounting firm because they said that "the CPA did not answer their phone calls."  We are aware of that problem and attempt to communicate as quickly as possible.  We understand that it is very frustrating when an issue or question remains unresolved for a very long time.

In addition, our partners and staff communicate with each other regarding client situations.  Therefore, there is more than one person knowledgeable about your account.  We make sure that each client is served by the expertise of the entire firm.


We are known for our professional service.  This quality stems from our continually seeking additional knowledge and expertise in our field.  We have continuing quest to learning new ways to assist our clients.

In addition, we thoroughly research areas of taxation and accounting to be able to inform you of the advantages and disadvantages of a decision or position.


The quality of our service is a result of our close monitoring of the work we produce and the advice we provide.  Quality control is a crucial requirement of any firm and we take that control very seriously.  Therefore, all tax returns, consulting, and accounting that we provide are reviewed closely before they are finalized and provided to you.  We do not like mistakes any more than you do. 

Some comments from our clients

From a new client whose estate tax returns we amended resulting in substantial refunds:
"You deserve a bonus."
From a new bookkeeping client:
"For once, I feel like our books are being done right."
From a corporate client:
"I appreciate that you return my calls promptly."
Please contact us so we can show you why we have so many satisfied clients.
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